LED lamp

LED lamp (LED lamp) is one of the newest types of lighting, which is actually a set of one or more LEDs or LEDs. These sets are placed next to each other to obtain the required light intensity and color. In fact, the combination of these diodes causes a soft and uniform light to be emitted in space. These lamps can be used to provide lighting as well as decorate the space. The unique features of this product make buying an LED lamp a convenient option. And caused them to quickly replace other light sources. Because LED lighting with low energy consumption and high efficiency have been able to improve their position among other competitors.


Specifications of LED lamps

Long life
High optical efficiency
The light comes on as soon as electricity reaches them
Do not cause damage due to excessive on and off
LED lamps do not lose light over time.


LED lamp applications

Fluorescent and incandescent bulbs can be replaced with LEDs. LED lamps are used to illuminate bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, office environments, stairwells and entrances of houses and shops. Due to its longer life and easy maintenance, LEDs are a good choice for lighting hard-to-reach areas. Unlike fluorescent and incandescent bulbs, LED bulbs do not emit ultraviolet or heat rays, so they do not damage artwork and are suitable for lighting art studios.

Application of products

LED Bulb

LED Downlight

LED Panel

LED High Bay Light

LED Floodlight

LED Linear

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Enzo power



Vetra light

Types of LED light bulbs

The light color of an LED lamp (LED lamp) is described by a standard called color temperature in Kelvin. Color temperature is used to determine the color of a light source by comparing it to the color of a standard blackbody object. A black body is something like platinum that reflects no light and absorbs all the light that is reflected on it. The higher the color temperature number, the closer the color of light is to the range of white and cold colors, and the smaller this number is, the closer the color of light is to the range of warm colors. Accordingly, a color temperature greater than 4,000 K is considered cold light and a color temperature below 3,000 K is considered warm light.