What are LED panels?
Unlike a lamp, a panel light uses a combination of LEDs to create a uniformly distributed light. Uniform distribution is one of its main features and some people use them to replace old fluorescent bulbs (fluorescent bulbs that look like tubes).

What are the benefits of lighting with LED ceiling panels?
LED panels are a relatively new technology and it is safe to say that their potential has not yet been fully explored. With the development of the industry, the use of lighting with LED ceiling panel (LED) will also expand. However, even now they are well known for their advantages over their competitors (fluorescent lamps and HID lamps). The advantages of this type of lighting include the following.

Flawless light quality: With the even distribution of light, it is not surprising that these lighting fixtures are becoming more prevalent. But it is not only the emission of light that makes them superior, but also the quality, intensity and color of the light. For example, the LED panel light of Shamim Andisheh Company provides a significant amount of 110 lumens per watt.

LED Downlight
LED High Bay Light