What is a Downlight?

A downlight can be defined as a lamp that surrounds the ceiling and shines down in a narrow beam. Like a narrow spotlight. When this light comes on, it looks like light is shining through the holes in the ceiling. The downlight has a special place inside the ceiling, lamp and transformer (if necessary) to convert the power voltage to a case that is safe for downlight use.

Types of Downlights

All downlights are round in shape, but there are several types of downlights you can choose from. The difference is primarily in the type of lamp you use. Currently the most common type of lamp used in downlight is the halogen lamp, but you will gradually realize that CFL lamps (compact fluorescent lamps or LED lamps) and LED lamps will be used due to the greater popularity of energy. Took.

Depending on the type of lamp you are using, the downlight may be dim.

Benefits of Downlights

Downlights can be a great choice for your home lighting. Because they can be installed anywhere in the house – for example in the living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or even under the kitchen cabinets.

Downlight lights are also very flexible in terms of the amount and type of light they provide. For example, they are perfect for use as work lighting, where you need a lot of light. In addition, they are also suitable for ambient lighting.

Downlight lights look so beautiful! Especially if you do not want to use a pendant lamp or a large lamp in your room, the downlights are very clean, simple and excellent.

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