Complete guide to LED linear lights
In the world of modern business and interior design, there is always room for linear lights. LED linear light is one of the most popular lighting names in these industries in 2019. If you are not completely familiar with linear and line lights, this is a good opportunity.

What is a linear LED?
When LEDs first came on the market, this light source was used for emergency lights. Entering the 90s and simultaneously with the decrease in the price of LED raw materials, we have gradually witnessed the arrival of various products with LED light source. One of these products is LED linear light.

The most revolutionary subject of linear lights is the extension of these lights in designable lengths. (Ability to build continuous lines of light at variable lengths.). Now why revolutionary? Before the LED linear lights in environments such as offices and businesses, the need to illuminate long and narrow areas with fluorescent lamps was met. But these light sources (fluorescent) were not an ideal choice for this type of design due to reasons such as BUZZ sound, mercury in the lamp structure and flicker.

LED linear lights are a good solution for spaces such as offices and offices. And currently the most popular lighting design for office environments is the LED linear light. If you continue to use fluorescent lamps to illuminate your office environment, read the introduction section on the advantages of LEDs over fluorescent lamps.

Where should we use the LED linear light system?
If you are looking for a lighting design that will impress everyone and at the same time provide the necessary lighting for your environment, your best option is the LED linear light.

Everyday places like public spaces and work environments and in general all places visited by different people (sometimes important people), who often have a strong or effective architectural design, want to be a simple office or a Art studio LED line lights will be the best choice in all cases.

LED linear lights increase productivity in work environments. This is a proven fact.

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